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Market Research Services

Our marketing solutions empower organizations to brand, position, time & price their products rightly to generate maximum revenue. Our researched and customized solutions enable organizations to understand, analyze and market their products/brands efficiently & effectively in highly competitive markets.

Our Marketing Solutions include -

Brand Positioning & Health Studies

  • Brand Mapping/Image Studies
  • Brand Positioning Studies
  • Brand Value Studies
  • Brand Awareness Studies
  • Strengths & Weakness Studies
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Mystery Shopping

 Market Entry Strategy

  • Demand Estimation
  • Competition
  • Competition Price Mapping

 New Product Development

  • Product Benchmarking / New Product Concept Test
  • Product Branding, Positioning, Pricing Studies
  • Risk Management Studies

 Consumer Behavior Studies

  • User Segment/ Demographics Studies
  • Product Usage Studies


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